To use manually created location on your classifieds website you need to add them in TerraClassifieds. It's very simple, follow the guide or watch the video.

Create locations structure

Go to TerraClassifieds -> Locations to start adding new locations.

add new location area classifieds wordpress plugin

Then you can simply add new locations. Enter:

  • name - e.g. state, city
  • slug (optional) - if you leave it empty, it generates automatically
  • parent location for the nested structure of locations - if you want to build a nested location structure, use this select list to choose the parent item for a location

creating a location structure classifieds wordpress plugin

The example of the location list may look as below.

example of the location list classifieds plugin for wordpress

How to enable created locations?

Now once you are ready with all locations you need to enable them in Terraclassifieds -> Settings -> Locations

enable locations in classifieds plugin for wordpress

There are several pages where locations are visible now. Take a look at screenshots of the TerraClassic theme demo site:

Advert view

advert view locations classifieds wordpress plugin

Category view

category view location classifieds wordpress plugin

Adding advert view

adding advert view classifieds wordpress plugin

On the "Adding advert view" the user may choose the location in the following way. Note that there is a "clear" option to collapse all items to parent items.

On the

What is more, you may specify if choosing a location is required or not. Go to TerraClassifieds -> Settings -> Adding advert view and set "Ad location required" option.

How to display locations in a search widget?

After placing locations on the admin dashboard the user may select the location from the search form like on the example below. Alternatively, you may set the simple input instead of the select.

location classifieds wordpress plugin

Edit the search widget to enable the location filter (1), then select if you want to use the simple input or select list (2) and at the end specify the location field size (3) for different mobile devices. 

search form with location classifieds wordpress website

Specifying a location view for the search widget

If you want to get the different inputs for search form on the front page or any other area, you may use the search widget which includes the same settings as mentioned above.

The good example is on the TerraClassic classifieds WordPress theme demo where on the front page the category selector is disabled because there's "Categories widget" with icons available. But on the search result page the user may select a category from the selector instead of coming back to the front page to change the category. There is a possibility for other combinations, check the examples below.

Example 1:


Example 2: 

How to display locations filter on category view?

On the category view (see an example of TerraClassic theme), you may use build in search if you prefer. 

The search form with locations is available on Category view as well. In TerraClassifieds -> Settings -> Category View you may specify fields that you want to see in the search form once you already chose the category or on the search result page.

What is more, there's an option to set the field size for different devices so setting input sizing for especially mobile devices becomes very handy.

category view wordpress classifieds plugin

Thanks for following the tutorial!

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