You can configure Style settings for Terraclassifieds going to Terraclassifieds -> Settings.

  1. Choose a layout for Terraclassifieds:

    Default: loads template file for single and archive views

    Override from the theme: disable default CSS and loads PHP files

    NOTE: You need to create above files in your theme (just copy content of the original files: wp-content/plugins/terraclassifieds/templates/single.php and wp-content/plugins/terraclassifieds/templates/archive.php) and add this code to your functions.php file: 
    add_theme_support (‘terraclassifieds’);

    If you will choose Override from theme without creating specific files in your theme and adding code in your functions.php these files will be loaded:
    Archive view: wp-content/plugins/terraclassifieds/templates/archive.php
    Single view: wp-content/plugins/terraclassifieds/templates/default_post.php

  2. Choose a style for Terraclassifieds:

    Default: loads default CSS file

    Override from the theme: not load default CSS file - the user should add own styles in the theme CSS files

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