You can configure Category view settings for Terraclassifieds going to Terraclassifieds -> Settings.

  1. Decide to show or not specific elements (name, description, image, subcategories) on archive view. 
    To disable all the options for "Show category on the archive page" select field called "None".

  2. Items per page for Terraclassifeds category view
  3. Limit of words for description in Terraclassifeds category view

  4. Decide to show Add to favorites feature in the archive view.
  5. Show or hide the ad's author in the archive view.
  6. Show or hide search form on the top of the archive view.
  7. Choose input search field size for different screen sizes.
  8. Show or hide location filter in the category view.
  9. Decide to show location filter as a select list or a search input box field - a visitor may search for a location by entering its name, after entering a minimum of 3 characters locations suggestions suited to the phrase will appear on the list.
    Once you enter a phrase that does not suit any location, the info "Can't find the location" appears below the input box, so the user may try typing without a need of clicking the search button to see empty results.
  10. Choose if you want to use a hierarchical structure for locations. A disabling hierarchical location list can be useful (quicker) when you have a lot of nested locations and as a result, searching for an add may take much more precious seconds while loading search results. The option works for "list" - location field type available for ads search form.
  11. Choose location input (list) field size for different screen sizes.
  12. Show or hide the category filter in the category view.
  13. Choose if the only first level categories should be visible in this filter.
  14. Choose the category field size for different screen sizes.
  15. Show or hide the type filter in the category view.

  16. Show or hide the price filter in the category view.
  17. Choose the price field size for different screen sizes.

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