Advert view settings list

To configure Advert view settings go to Terraclassifieds -> Settings

Each item can be set to:

  • hide - do not show on an ad view
  • show - display on an ad view
  • enable for logged users - available once a user is logged into his account (except the “Add to favorites” option, because it’s available for logged users by default).  The selected items are visible on an advert page but once clicked the alert is displayed informing about the necessity to log in to continue.

Watch the quick video on how to control advert's elements

Where to find elements on the advert view

  1. Add to favorites - option available for logged users only. Once selected to "show" the "Add to favorites" is displayed on the adverts list, single advert, and the latest adverts widget. The example below presents the option at the ad view.
  2. Contact form - choose if you want to show or hide Contact Form

  3. Phone number - choose if you want to show or hide Phone number


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