You can configure Adding advert settings for Terraclassifieds going to Terraclassifieds -> Settings.

  1. Number of images - maximum 8 ( if you enter more than 8, the limit will be 8 anyway )
  2. Title characters limit - 0 for unlimited
  3. Description characters limit - the minimum number of characters
  4. Description characters limit - the maximum number of characters ( 0 for unlimited )
  5. Number of columns visible for categories subcategories
  6. The lifespan of the advert in days (the author will receive a notification via mail after expiration ), Terraclassifieds will check once a day for expired adverts and change their status from Published to Archived
  7. Number of days before sending a notification to classified’s author (the author will receive a notification via mail ) about soon expiration, Terraclassifieds will be checked once a day for such ads
  8. Use selling types - choose if you want to show types at all
  9. Selling types - choose what selling types should be available
  10. Option to choose advert status after submitting it on the frontend. You can set it to pending ( ads had to be verified by a website administrator ) or publish classifieds without administrator review (Published option). 
    Once you decide to change it to Published on your running website, remember to modify email templates settings and default info sent on a user email.
  11. Option to add and upload images field for an advert as a required field
  12. Option to add the location for an advert as a required field
  13. Option to add the type for an advert as a required field

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