Additional user fields


Additional user fields

Terraclassifieds adds some extra fields to the user's profile. Navigate to Users -> All users and then click on the desired user. You can see here 2 additional fields:

You will see these fields on the frontend in the single advert view:

The administrator can create and edit adverts on the backend. 

You can add/edit here these fields:

  1. Title - advert's title
  2. Status - advert's status: published, archived, trashed, rejected
  3. Description - advert's description
  4. Category - advert's category
  5. Selling Type - price, for free or exchange
  6. Price - item's price
  7. Negotiable - check if your price is negotiable
  8. Gallery - images gallery
  9. Location - advert's location
  10. Expire Date - the date after advert will be expired

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