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Getting error message while users trying to contact the advertisement: "Message could not be sent".


If you are getting this type of error while sending a message in the single advert view you need to check if your WordPress can send emails in general.

The easiest way is using plugin Check Email. You can download it here.

After installation and activation, you will find this tool in the Tools menu.

Now enter your email address and click Send test email.

In the few minutes, you should get an email with similar content:

"This test email proves that your WordPress installation at can send emails.\n\nSent: Fri, 17 Jul 2020 10:55:35 +0000".


If you didn't get an email (check also SPAM folder) you have PHP Mail disabled on your hosting/server.

In this situation, you can contact your hosting provider to enabled this function but not every hosting provider supports it by default.

If you can't enable PHP Mail you need to use SMTP. There are some WP plugins that you can use to do that. The most popular is the WP Mail SMTP by WPForms. You can download it here.

After installation and activation please check this part of the documentation to set up SMTP.

NOTE: There is a small chance that you can't send emails and you have PHP Mail enabled. It can happen when you have some plugin for SMTP already installed and it's configured wrong. In this case, your WordPress installation tries to send an email but simply can't do that. Please disable the SMTP plugin and check to send an email with Check Email plugin again.

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