Required fields for user profile

Set required fields options allow you to control and force the user to enter required fields before adding ads. It means that the user will not be allowed to add adverts if his profile view is not filled in with the information that you as a website administrator require for your website.

Let’s say if you set the First name, phone, and about me fields as a required field, then the user will be asked to fill in the fields on the edit profile page.

The user can’t update his profile if he tries to save unfilled required fields. There are 3 scenarios when the alert appears on a website. Of course, we assume here that you have set at least one required field.:

  • After login - The user registers on a website and once logged in he is redirected to the edit profile page to be able to add ads
  • After ignoring edit profile fields - if the user ignored the request and then clicked on the “Add an ad” link, then he is redirected again to the edit profile page to update his profile information
  • The administrator updated settings - once you as an administrator change settings and add more required fields then the procedure starts again asking a user to fill in profile fields

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