There are four widgets included that can help you show your content in widgetized areas.

Included widgets:

  1. TerraClassifieds Categories
  2. TerraClassifieds Latest Ads
  3. TerraClassifieds Menu
  4. TerraClassifieds Search

TerraClassifieds Categories - shows advert categories

Frontend widget view

Backend settings

  1. Widget’s title
  2. Layout - vertical or horizontal
  3. Number of columns for displayed categories
  4. Number of category levels to show, ex. "1" - show only first level categories, without any subcategory
  5. Show counter of adverts in each category - number in brackets after category's name
  6. Show subcategories hierarchically - display subcategories as nested lists
  7. Show categories images on the left of category's name
  8. Show categories without any advert inside

TerraClassifieds Latest Ads - shows the latest adverts

Frontend widget view

Backend settings

  1. Widget’s title
  2. Order - latest first, oldest first, alphabetical
  3. Adverts limit - do not show more adverts than selected
  4. Description limit - a number of words from description to display
  5. Avatar size - all images sizes available in your Wordpress installation, at least thumbnail, medium and large ( these sizes are defined in Settings -> Media )
  6. Number of columns for displayed adverts
  7. Show prices for each advert with currency symbol ( selected in TerraClassifieds -> Settings -> General )

TerraClassifieds Menu - account menu

The widget shows item menu My account (if the user is not logged in) or username (if the user is logged in).

Submenu shows links:

  1. Add new ad
  2. Your adverts
  3. Edit profile
  4. Logout (if the user is logged in)

The widget view before logging.

The widget view after logging.

Backend settings

There is only the widget’s title.

TerraClassifieds Search - search widget for adverts

Frontend view

Backend settings

  1. Widget’s title
  2. Show category filter as the select list
  3. Display only first level categories - do not display any subcategory

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